Our values


Our company was birthed from the heart of creativity and without it we would not exist. Creativity being the core of our performance and innovative show has shaped us into what we are today and will continue shaping us.


We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service to our customers. Always measuring our performance and taking our customers feedback into consideration to deliver the best possible service we can.


We believe in treating our employees fairly and being committed to each other as colleagues. Working on positive business relationships, building up our employees and creating a great working environment to ensure maximum growth as a company.


Having a trustworthy brand is very important to us. We want our reputation to precede us by delivering great customer service.

Company Managers

Josua Schmid

Managing Director

Bachelor of Science in International
Industrial Management

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Robert Hooper

Managing Director

Professional wall-trampolining athlete

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Martin Tucker

Managing Director

Professional wall-trampolining athlete

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